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I made this site so that everyone knows who my friends are. I do not have permission to use some of these photos, so if you really want to me to take it off, please e-mail me!. By the way, this is only for fun :o)

This is my friend Brian. We met in eighth grade at Kea'au Intermediate school...that was back in 1994. We never became "hang-out out of school" friends until 10th grade though.

Here's my friend Anna and I standing in front of Blockbuster. Brian and I were hanging out at the mall and saw her, so we went to keep her company while her mom went video renting. We met in 7th grade(had the same science class in 8th grade). E-mail ANNA!!!!!

Here's a picture of Mrs. Pearson and I at an art competition called Kahaki'i. That's my painting in the background("Nanue Falls"). I had Mrs Pearson as an art teacher in 9th, 11th, and 12th grade...she's a great teacher and wonderful friend!

Here's Miss Kelly and I at my graduation party that I had. She was Mr's Pearson's classroom neighbor when I was in 10th grade. When Mrs. Pearson left the school for a while, Brian and I hung out in her room...we grew to become great friends. She's a really funny, friendly, loving, caring, beautiful person. I wish she had e-mail!

Brian and I met Coral through one of our other frinds. We've been friends since 1996.

Alexis and I met in 1996 also. A bunch of art students including us, went on an outterisland trip to art galleries, museums, academies, and universities. When we were through eating, we both wanted to walk to the bookstore, so we went together. It wasn't until a year later that we got to know each other a lot better.

This is my good friend, Devaki. I met her and her sister Taraka in 1997. They got me into Tori Amos. We always have fun when we're together.

Here's Taraka, she used to have longer seen in the "Friend's banner" at the top of this page. She's a really great friend!

This is me, Ja'ala, Taraka, and Devaki doing the "Y-M-C-A." Brian took the was really fun that day. We played Super Nintendo, played with their rabbit, walked around their house, it was great!

Julie and I met in G/T(Gifted and Talented)Art Class when I was a senior. We had the same Spanish class when I was a sophomore though :o)

Kelly and I met in 1997. We are online friends, but really can't wait to meet each other in person!!!!. We traded tapes back in 1997 and grew to become great friends. I can tell her everything, and the same with her. I don't know what I'll do without her! I've dreamt about meeting her, and also dreamt about her hating me :*( I love you Kelly!!!!

Rick and I met this year on AOL. He's the popular AlanisMan!! We've become great friends since.

Jayson and I met in 1997, also as traders. It's great being his friend alos...we chat almost everynight on AOL.

I met DaYnah through AOL also...I found her in the AOL Member Directory. She owns a beautiful page that I never knew she owned, until I met her.


This is a collage I made of some of my local friends, take a look!

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